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Elevations, Inc. (EI) has been serving the states of Hawaii, Micronesia, and Guam since 1993. We offer vertical transportation consulting services for maintenance elevators, as well as preventative maintenance monitoring. Turn to the professionals in new construction design or maintenance work by choosing our Honolulu, Hawaii, consulting company today. Our services include:

Modernization Consulting  ◘  New Construction Designs  ◘  Vertical Transportation
Due Diligence Services  ◘  QEI-1 Inspection Services

Skills & Expertise 
Elevations Inc. has become a trusted name in elevator and vertical systems. We are experts in our field, and our skills include:

 ◘  New Construction Design, Engineering Interface, Bidding, Specifications, & Construction Consulting Services 
 ◘  Renovation/Modernization Consulting for Existing Elevators, Bidding, & Construction Documents 
 ◘  Maintenance Evaluation, Preventive Maintenance Monitoring, & Maintenance Contracting Consulting Services

Who We Are
Elevations, Inc. was originally founded in 1993 by Neil Kunihisa and Ronald Higa to provide dedicated vertical transportation consulting services within the Hawaii and Pacific Basin areas.  Our consulting company is currently fully owned and operated by Neil Kunihisa. Since EI's inception, we have been involved in more than 450 projects within the states of Hawaii, Micronesia, and Guam.

See why we're known for quality work by contacting our consulting firm today at (808) 988-6583 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Hawaii, Micronesia, & Guam

ASME QEI-1 Certification

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